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International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention

The world’s first and only, free, open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to documenting research that demonstrates the efficacy of whole food plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle to arrest and reverse chronic lifestyle related diseases.


We envision an influential, internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed journal of the highest integrity that will:

  • inspire and document research proving disease reversal through nutrition and lifestyle;
  • act as a vehicle to provide an integrated platform for publishing and publicizing research;
  • be a publication that will lead to a change in medical practice standards of care, influencing thought leaders globally, and, most importantly, saving lives;
  • provide the utmost ethical standards and draws leading researchers to seek publication with the IJDRP.

The Journal is published on a user-friendly platform for accurate dispensing of knowledge on a variety of levels, including researchers, physicians, and other healthcare providers, hospitals, government agencies, and corporations.

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The Plantrician Project