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The Plantrician Project

plant.ri.cian: a physician or clinician empowered with knowledge of the benefits of whole food, plant-based nutrition.

The Plantrician Project™ Vision

A nation—and a world—in which all physicians, healthcare providers and, health influencers have embraced the dietary paradigm shift to a whole food, plant-based diet; in turn, effectively promoting patient and client adoption of this health-protecting, disease-fighting way of living.

The result: the transformation and regeneration of human health, health care, and the food ecosystem.

The Plantrician Project™ Mission

To educate, equip and empower our physicians, healthcare practitioners and other health influencers with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of whole food, plant-based nutrition.

The Plantrician Project™ Values

  • optimal health
  • evidence-based information about whole food, plant-based nutrition
  • the power of the whole food, plant-based plate to optimize the health of the interconnected food ecosystem
  • the exponential impact of physicians and healthcare providers to transform individuals, families, and communities by prescribing food as medicine
  • the role of each local healthcare organization and provider to become the true resource for optimal health in their community
  • the potential of regenerative organic agriculture to restore soil and human health, thereby preserving our world’s precious natural resources
  • stewardship of resources to optimize the health of the whole
  • community, unity, and collaboration
  • honoring the inherent value of the individual
  • the power of hope and inspiration to help individuals transform their lives

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We invite you to become part of the transformation of our healthcare system. Working together, we can create a sustainable system, established on the solid foundational pillars of lifestyle medicine, recognizing that FOOD TRUMPS ALL!

For general information or inquiries, please contact:

Phone: (561) 810-6713
Fax: (888) 886-5170
The Plantrician Project
PO Box 741596
Boynton Beach, FL 33474